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A home is incomplete without recreational and social amenities that help people to relax and connect. Mahogany, which is a picturesque area, is endowed with numerous facilities that make life inside this gated community to be interesting and worthwhile. They have a checker board park, a bamboo forest that is an inspired play ground, basketball with grass covered around it, an outdoor gym for maintaining your fitness, a greenhouse, an amphitheatre - type bleachers, jogging rail, scenic gardens, broad concrete roads and a multi-purpose hall with reading rooms. All these facilities make life within Mahogany place, Lipa City to be enjoyable and fun. The kids get to mingle freely and make friends as they play. This is a very important part of their upbringing. Adults can get to connect or celebrate with neighbors through the mahogany clubhouse. In addition, you can share family memories with friends and family at the community park.

A good number of modern homes are surrounded with noise and disorder. Mahogany estate in Lipa City is filled with a modern lifestyle but still offers calmness and comfort that people usually long for. The environment is peaceful and safe to live in with a tight security. The streets in Mahogany are not crowded and have wide pathways where you can walk around freely.  Unlike building your own home where you incur all the security expenses and maintenance of other essential facilities, you will save on such costs as the management takes care of most of the maintenance work in the estate.

Mahogany Place III is a brilliant setup that offers an unending array of amenities and features to impart a comfortable lifestyle to its residents. The property also features a maintenance management team that ensures proper management of all the available facilities and amenities.

There is an adult pool accommodated in Mahogany Place III for the residents such that they can have a relaxed time with their family and friends. There is also a kid’s pool featured in the property that is specially created for the kids such that privacy of the residents can be maintained. A pool deck is also featured in Mahogany Place III to enhance the relaxing experience of the residents.

A picnic grove is another offering of Mahogany Place III that can be used by the residents to host picnics and gatherings for friends and family. There is a playground featured in Mahogany Place III for the kids. A large basketball, as well as tennis court, is also featured on the property such that the children can practice and play the respective games. 

Mahogany Place III features a lush green ambiance with parks and gardens. These places can be used by the residents to peacefully spend some valuable time after a day's tedious work. This lush greenery also makes the ambiance of the property pollution free. 

Mahogany Place III also accommodates a well-constructed amphitheater with a plaza that is quite rare a feature to be present in any of the residential setups. A well-designed lobby and lounge area is another interesting part of Mahogany Place III where your guests can peacefully wait. 

Another very essential and interesting offering of Mahogany Place III is a function hall that also features a kitchen as well as a bar. This hall can be used by the residents to host parties, functions, meetings as well as gatherings. This helps the residents to save a lot of time that they might usually invest in hall hunting. 

A sauna is featured in Mahogany Place III which can be used by the residents to have a relaxing sauna session. This will allow you to enjoy resort-like features right under your residing roof. Mahogany Place III also provides you with the facility of poolside dining such that you can have your date nights right at your residing location. Now, while residing at Mahogany Place III every night can be a date night with your partner.

Mahogany Place III features a mini theatre for the use of the residents. A mini-mart also makes an important offering of the property. There is a large clubhouse accommodated in Mahogany Place III which can be used by the residents for multiple purposes. This clubhouse is also backed by emergency power generator such that all the features can be carried out uninterruptedly. 

Other offerings of Mahogany Place III include a dance room, a gymnasium, a refreshment area, a gaming room, a lounge area, garbage collection facility, a water station, 24 x 7 security, etc.

  • Greenhouse
  • Basketball court 
  • Checker board park
  • Bamboo forest-inspired play area
  • Multi-purpose hall with reading rooms
  • Outdoor gym
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